Audrey Elson loves to do everything imaginable on camera (yes she has even pumped midgets). Which is just one of the reasons we love her. But the enormous attraction is not just her good enormous natural melons, it’s the desire to participate in and be our next smoothie girl. She chose to blend up pineapple juice and raspberries along with some ice cream and gave us permission to fill up her gaped pooper with it. This ass smoothie was very cold and you can see the look of frozen fear on her face as it warms up inside her rectum. She manages to fill a huge glass with the ass smoothie she pushes out of her rectal cavity and then starts to drink it all, fresh out of her asshole…

Ass Smoothie helped her big natural guns grow!

Before today, the craziest thing Kelly Wells had stuck in her stinker was two cocks at once. Sure she can also gush, fist her own ass and has starred in interracial gangbangs, jumbo blowbangs and even lets her fans fuck her when she escorts. It’s quite a pornstar life really. We challenged her to chew up a banana and blend it with milk and a smoothie powder, then let us pour the whole thing inside that world-famous rectum of hers. She agreed or else we wouldn’t be writing to you about how she drank every drop of the ass smoothie that shot out of her butt like a horse out of the starting gate!

Do you recognize this gaping anus?

Taylor Mae is a long-legged girl with a terrific body and a willingness to try new things. After she originally said no to us a few months ago, this sexy coed changed her mind and now wanted to drink an ass smoothie from her rectum. We don’t hold a grudge so we were happy to welcome her back on camera. Believe it or not, this was her first anal experience and certainly not one she will ever forget! You’ll need to visit the members area to see how this turns out for her and look at just how long it took for her ass smoothie to drain from her butt.

Student butthole swallows up the ass smoothie

This is one sloppy pornstar who has done everything… or at least she thought she had… until now. Amber Rayne tells the story of getting nailed in her stinker, with her cell phone ringing inside her rectum, and having to be taken to hospital to get it out. But has she ever tasted a beverage from her ass? Nope. Today we have her blend some fruit and ingest an ass smoothie through her gaping anus, then squat it back out and drink the entire mixture fresh out of the depths of her stinker, where her cell phone once rang. She crowns it off by licking our nasty kitchen floor clean with her tongue.

An ass smoothie so fine she licked it off the floor

She worked out deep in the gym and this is her reward: a tasty chocolate protein shake that will mix and let us pour into ther spread anus. Max Mikita is so excited to taste a smoothie from her own pooper that she can’t wait to get naked and mix it up. The speculum slides into her stinker with ease and locks into place so she is stretched wide to accomodate every drop that will be poured inside her. Once she is stuffed to capacity in her rectal cavity, she rolls back to her feet and lets the ass smoothie escape from her rectal cavern and into the glass for her to enjoy. Swallowing healthy never tasted so fine!

Athletic asian enjoys protein shake from her anus

It’s always an extra-special treat when the girls we find to drink an ass smoothie from their own rectum also have killer bodies. This blonde girl is stunning in every way and is eager to prepare a cup of hot chocolate that she will let us pour into her gaping asshole held open by a speculum. Rather than use the microwave to heat the milk, she will let it sit in her colon and anal cavity to bring up the temperature. She garnishes her butt with whipped cream then squats over a mug so she can push it all out and drink her own ass smoothie immediately on camera.

Stunning body blonde coed drinks from her anus

After shooting all these high-definition videos for Ass Smoothie so far, we have noticed a common theme: the girls either agree to drink a smoothie from their own butthole for pure shock factor or simply because they really need the money. Then along comes Vanessa Videl, a washed-up porn MILF in her mid-40s. It’s kind of sad watching a woman drink an ass smoothie simply because it’s the only work she can get these days. She is still in pretty good shape for her age and makes an ice cream and strawberry rectal beverage to be poured into her gaped butt for the world to see. Believe it or not, she also added her own breast milk to the mix! She admitted afterwards that the speculum holding her ass open was painful and the ass smoothie was super-cold sitting inside her rectum and juicy into her colon. She did manage to squeeze her drink out with fantastic success and was more than happy to swallow it all right from her butthole.

Vanessa Videl adds her own breast milk to her ass smoothie!

Pornstars always make amazing Ass Smoothie girls, usually because we can open the speculum nice and wide from all the rectal nailing they endure on set. Veronica Jett is a very tiny teen of only 5 feet and barely 90 pounds, but her ass spreads so wide that we can see right into her colon. This is what prompted us to measure how much ass smoothie we poured inside her butt and how much would come back out for her to drink. We introduced two measuring jugs and jammed her butthole up with her tasty ass smoothie until over a half liter had gone in. So how much of the anal smoothie do you think came back out of her ass for her to drink? You’ll need to watch the full-length HD video in the members area, but here is a free sample of Veronica’s ass smoothie below for you to enjoy right now!

Veronica Jett enjoys every sip of her ass smoothie!

Fresh fruit is key to making a delicious ass smoothie, so Xana Star used kiwi, mango and pineapple in her recipe. The better it tastes going inside the girl’s asshole, the better it will taste when it comes out mixed with lube from the speculum and ass jelly from brutal inside her gaping rectum. Topping her ass smoothie off with whipped cream and a crazy straw only pours it look even tastier sitting inside her stretched out butthole. Xana got the chills when her ass smoothie was poured inside of her, but loved the fact she was getting filled up with vitamins and nutrients at the same time. When the time came, she was eager to squeeze the smoothie from her ass and show it off to our high-def camera for inspection. As it the ass smoothie slid down her throat, she tasted every ounce of goodness from the fruits and her butthole, so be sure you enjoy it along with her!

Xana Star makes the healthiest ass smoothie so far.

Celeste and Madison are at it again, making another ass smoothie together that they plan on sharing, but this time they use Madison’s spread rectum instead of Celeste’s. Celeste uses a speculum to stretch Madison’s eighteen year-old asshole open, then chews up and spits a mashed banana inside her butt. Next comes orange juice and milk to finish off the ass smoothie. Madison jumps up and down to mix all the ingredients together inside her ass, while Celeste eagerly awaits for the drink to drip from Madison’s butt into a glass. Madison is first to sample her ass smoothie then passes the glass over to Celeste to finish. Both girls split the beverage and savored every sip of banana, orange juice, milk and ass juice that came from Madison’s rectal cavity. This is one high-definition ass smoothie video sample you can’t afford to miss!

Madison and Celeste share another ass smoothie!

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